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Danijela Vojic

Charming warmth. Love of detail. Reliable gem.

She’s here to ensure that everything is perfectly cosy and comfortable – Danijela Vojic, head of housekeeping at the Hotel Post Ischgl. She’s the person to talk to when it comes to anything to do with the comfort of our guests. Danijela is always friendly and organises her team in a well-oiled routine, directing them...

"Not just clean, but immaculate."

Friends and colleagues value Danijela’s kind and endearing manner. Her many years of experience in the hotel industry makes her a role model for younger colleagues. Danijela loves it when everyone gets along harmoniously and is at her happiest when her housekeeping team is happy.

The Governess gets away from it all by visiting local lakes and rivers. This is where she loves to recharge her batteries with a walk. She enjoys meeting up with friends for a coffee in idyllic Ischgl.

Danijela’s recommendations:

Her tip for finding the sweet moments in life: enjoy a Kaiserschmarrn pancake on the sun terrace of the Hotel Post Ischgl.

Danijela – loyal, always proper and a little bit of a shopping queen.


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