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Perfect hospitality. Feel at home, feel welcome. Team spirit.

Your host Evi Wolf and general manager Mario Karpf, have redefined exclusivity. Everything they do comes from a culture of premium service and perfect hospitality. Together with their attentive team, they create moments of happiness just for you.

Hotel Post Ischgl

Top hospitality

Everyone is led by a single thought: to indulge our guests in style. Enjoy the warm and very personal atmosphere in your holiday home from home.

All follow the same concept: Tastefully treatment. Enjoy the warm-hearted and very personal atmosphere at your holiday home.

"We aim to do more than satisfy, we aim to inspire you."

The Hotel Post Ischgl has a tradition of hospitality going back to 1875.

Daniela und Michael Wolf will be carrying on this family tradition into the future. They retain the original values whilst also bringing in modern influences. The hotel is pleased to be a meeting point for all generations and lifestyles.

The Post family, a team of friends, is respectful of one another, honest and has shared objectives. They are passionate and full of commitment, and they enjoy their work. You are being spoilt by some very special people, dear guests: individuals with your comfort and well-being at heart. As attentive hosts, they have their eye on every tiny detail and know the individual wishes and preferences of regular guests. Feeling at home on holiday – that’s what true hospitality is all about.

For Evi Wolf and Mario Karpf, providing personal and professional development opportunities to the Post team is a particular necessity. They provide space for creative development, are open to new ideas and implement them together in the team.

Welcome to the Post family. Welcome home.

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