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Hotel philosophy

Experience pleasure. At home at the Post. More than inspired.

At the Hotel Post Ischgl in Tyrol, you are greeted by charming tradition and a modern atmosphere of comfort and well-being. Your hosts know how to make the most precious time of the year unique for you with their excellent service package.

Hotel Post Ischgl

Honest hospitality

"We aim to do more than satisfy, we aim to inspire you."

The Post family values honest hospitality and is pleased when guests become regulars. Here in their house you’ll experience an extra dimension of hospitality.

Generations have worked to create an extraordinary hideaway from an Alpine guesthouse.

The result is a 4-Star Superior hotel which values tradition yet is always up-to-the-minute. Daniela and Michael Wolf are already on the starting blocks and set to continue what has grown up over decades.

Let yourself be spoiled. Enjoy the change of seasons on your plate in the restaurants. Experience the stylish, perfectly presented enjoyment of wine which the connoisseurs at the hotel value so highly. The exclusive rooms and suites offer a homely atmosphere and room to spread out. At the Postillon SPA you’ll find peace for body, mind and soul.

The hoteliers are closely connected with the people of the area: the farmers, suppliers, craftsmen and local businesses. They have been meeting on equal terms since 1875 – with respect and appreciation.


The Post family will make your holiday into something unforgettable.

Take time out from the everyday.

At the Hotel Post Ischgl you’ve come to the right place.


Discover your 4-Star Superior residence.

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