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Michael Weitz

Trendsetter à-la-carte. Around the world. A feeling for pleasure.

Michael Weitz is the restaurant manager at the “Ursprung” à la carte restaurant. Passionate and traditional, he brings to bear the experience which he has garnered from around the world.

"Live life."

Together with his wife Kristina, he has built up and reinterpreted the restaurant – yet another reason for you to visit the Hotel Post Ischgl.

The “Ursprung” is a fusion of classic regional and international cuisine. His innovative ideas have made the restaurant a meeting place for gourmet diners.

“We’re going to Michael and Kristina’s,”is the nicest compliment from our guests when they arrive at the “Ursprung” restaurant.

Michael will share some special wining and dining experiences with you.

As a hobby winegrower he has an excellent understanding of the culture of fine dining. For him, wine is a passion. He knows the broad palette of aromas. Trust his recommendations and be prepared to be surprised.

Michael has travelled widely, seen a lot and yet his vineyard always draws him back. That’s where he tops up on energy and lets his soul float free.

His philosophy of ‘try something new and be flexible’ is also what he recommends to his guests. He enjoys exchanging trends from the catering and wine scene with his friends and colleagues.

Michael´s recommendation:

Riesling Heiligenstein, Weingut Bründlmayer (Langenlois, Austria)


Michael – a down-to-earth guy full of sensitivity and charisma..

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