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Beauty & Massages

SPA treatments. Let yourself go. Enjoy healing touch.

The sensitive hands of the SPA team will lead you to complete peace. Healing massages and invigorating facial and body treatments are all a balm for the soul. The experienced beauticians at the Postillon SPA dedicate time to you and make your skin glow with health.




Postillion Spa

Treatments at a glace

Loving yourself has never been so easy. Pamper yourself. Naturally beautiful.

Do something good for your body and soul and let our beauticians take care of you. We let your inner beauty glow to outside!

Our high-quality beauty products give you a fresh and even skin that will underline your sense of well-being. Enter a world of pure beauty.

Postilion Spa

Massages at a glace

Time to focus on you at the Postillon SPA. A symphony of pleasure. Deeply relaxed.

Let the SPA team spoil you with luxury. Gentle touch is a gift to the skin. Our masseurs are trained at the highest level to bring your being into balance. Find your own personal favourite massage. Let yourself go and escape the everyday. Choose your favourite treatment from the comprehensive selection and take your place on one of the comfortable massage beds.

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Further moments of relaxation

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